10 Steps for Validatar Server
  • 30 Sep 2022
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10 Steps for Validatar Server

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What is Validatar?

Validatar is a Data Quality Management and Automation platform that enables organizations to improve data quality & increase trust in data by automating the discovery, profiling, testing, and monitoring of its data assets.

Who Can Use Validatar and Why?

  • Business Leaders will gain confidence that the data they are using is trustworthy.
  • Data Stewards are given the tools they need to monitor and govern data assets.
  • Data Developers can deliver accurate and trusted data faster using automated data testing.
  • Data Consumers are given the visibility to know and trust the data assets available to them.

Common Use Cases

  • Data Warehouse ETL Dev QA
  • Data Governance
  • Cloud Migration
  • Data Quality Monitoring

10 Steps to Getting Started

Getting started in Validatar is simple, but we've created a list of ten tasks to complete before running your first test to make it even easier. 

1.Install the Validatar application on the appropriate server.
2.Create a Global Admin user.
3.Apply License information.
4.Configure SMTP settings.
5.Add additional Validatar users.
6.Give your Validatar project a name.
7.Create a data source with both primary and profiling connections configured.
8.Ingest the data source's metadata.
9.Run a full profile on your data. Try a small table first.
10.Start running tests!

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