2022.3 Product Updates
  • 30 Sep 2022
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2022.3 Product Updates

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Validatar has a new release! From major updates to minor bug fixes, we're constantly working to improve your Validatar experience so you can continue to build trust in your data. Learn about what's new below.

Release Date

Validatar 2022.3 was released on September 30, 2022.

Connect to Remote Data

  • We want you to be able to connect to data no matter where it's located. Firewall? Across Clouds? No problem. Connect to remote data sources by installing and using a Data Agent.
  • Install the Data Agent on any computer that can access your data
  • Available for both Validatar Cloud and Server editions.

More Than Database Testing

  • You've mentioned the need for testing flat files and we heard you! You can now test delimited flat files using Python scripts.
  • Test AWS S3 buckets, Azure Blob Storage, and other files.
  • With the integration of Python, you can even connect to BI/Reporting tools like Tableau Server/Online.
  • Integrate better with ETL Tools and Data Catalogs.
  • Database Engines have been renamed to Data Source Templates.

Build Advanced Tests Quicker, Easier

  • We've already simplified test script writing by adding the Build Script feature on standard tests. Now we've expanded that capability to Template Tests!
  • Use the Template Builder to preview template references populated in real time. No need to save the test before seeing what the materialized child test will look like anymore.
  • Quickly see the results from the template scripts.
  • Enhanced editor with metadata references and advanced scripting functions.

Validatar Marketplace

  • Get started with test and data source configuration even faster by shopping our new Marketplace.
  • The Marketplace has pre-built Data Source Templates, Test Packs, and Custom Fields you can import into your own Validatar instance.
  • After import, content can be customized to fit your testing needs.

Single Sign On (SSO)

  • Manage users and authentication from a single location.
  • SAML 2.0 Supported
    • Okta
    • Azure ADFS
    • AWS IAM
  • Included in Enterprise Edition or as an Add-On for Team Edition.

Other Enhancements

  • The metadata import process now supports custom metadata fields.
  • You can now keep the Result page filters set as you navigate away from the page.
  • Better password reset error messaging.

Bug Fixes

We've corrected bugs

  • Where exported logs failed if one of the referenced folders did not exist.
  • That caused the data grid in the Explorer to not display correctly when a metadata object doesn't contain any tests.
  • That prevented new custom profiles from linking to the related data set profile during the Project Import.
  • Where a report subscription could not be deleted.
  • Where column statistics were incorrectly showing N/A in the Explorer.

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