Profile Sets
  • 28 Jul 2023
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Profile Sets

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A profile set is a collection of data profiles that are run together to provide specific information about a data source.

Displayed Information

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Action Buttons

NewCreates a new profile set.
OpenOpens an existing profile set.
RunAllows you to run a profile set.
RenameRenames a profile set.
DeleteDeletes a profile set.
RestoreRestores a deleted profile set. After you’ve deleted a profile set, you cannot restore it once you navigate away from the Profile Set screen.

Table Headers

Profile SetThe name of the profile set.
# Tables ProfiledThe number of tables that the set profiles.
# Columns ProfiledThe number of columns that the set profiles.
# QueriesThe number of queries that will be executed when you run the profile set.
# JobsThe number of jobs that include the profile set as a job step.
Last RunThe time and date of the last profile set execution.
ConnectionDisplays whether the profile set uses the primary connection or a specific profile connection.


  1. Click on a data source name on the Data Source page in Project Settings.
  2. Click on Profile Sets.

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