What Is a Data Source?
  • 30 Sep 2022
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What Is a Data Source?

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A data source is what you use to run Validatar tests and profiles against. A data source consists of:

  • A primary database connection
  • A metadata connection
  • A data profiling connection
  • Profile sets and executions
  • Data Source permissions

Displayed Information

Data Sources List.png

Action Buttons

New Data Source Opens a new data source configuration page
Open Opens an existing data source configuration page
Archive Archives a data source
Restore Restores a deleted data source
Include archived Shows any archived data sources when checked

Table Headers

Name The data source name
Database The primary connection’s database name
Server The primary connection’s server name
Database Engine The primary connection’s related database engine
Group The data source group the primary connection belongs to
Metadata Status Shows if metadata has been ingested for this data source
# of Profile Sets Shows the number of profile sets created under this data source


  1. A user must have Project Admin rights
  2. In the navigation pane, expand Project Settings
  3. Click Data Sources

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