Exercise 1: Review Existing Standard Tests
  • 08 Jul 2024
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Exercise 1: Review Existing Standard Tests

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Article summary

Learning Goals
  • How do I navigate projects?
  • What is a Validatar test?
  • What are the different types of tests in Validatar?
  • How do I run a test?
  • How do I interpret these results?

Step 1 - Find a Relevant Test

  • Open Projects on the top banner
  • Open the Sample Tests (View Only) Project
  • Open Tests > Exercise 1 Folder
  • Find a test related to your assigned topic/table.
  • Open that test by clicking on it in the grid.


Step 2 - Review Test Structure

  • Review the Test Name, Description, Quality Dimension and Severity Level
  • Identify what data is being tested
  • Identify what it is being compared to
  • Review Result Configuration section


Step 3 - Run Test to the Screen

  • Scroll back to the top and click the Run Test button
  • Run the Test to the Screen (this means it will not save the results)
  • Review the outcome of the test


Tips About Validatar

  • You can find Tests, Jobs, and Schedules in the Projects area.
  • Folders can be used to create a hierarchical structure.
  • Tests results ran to the screen are not saved.
  • In Validatar, the color green denotes passing and purple denotes failing.

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