Explorer Overview
  • 20 Mar 2024
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Explorer Overview

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The Explorer area is where you can dive into the profile of each of your data sources making data discovery easy!

  • You’ll be able to see an overview of your metadata as well as drill into column-level profiles.
  • You can easily see test coverage and identify any gaps in testing.
  • You can also search for objects of interest and see their data quality.

Displayed Information


What's in the Table?

Column NameDescription
Data SourceThe data source name.
GroupThe data source group.
Metadata UpdatedThe date and time the metadata was last refreshed.
SchemasThe count of schemas in the data source
TablesThe count of tables and views in the data source.
ColumnsThe count of columns in a data source.
TestsThe number of tests that has a metadata link to that the data source.
% Tables with TestsThe coverage of tables in the data source that have a test associated with it.
% Columns with TestsThe coverage of coverage in the data source that have a test associated with it.

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